Law Library study rooms are only available to USD law students, faculty, and staff

The Law Library study rooms are first-come, first-serve, but MAY be reserved

If you are seeking first-come, first-serve access, please check the reservation calendar online to see if a reservation exists.  The calendar will also be posted on the door of each room the night before.

All reservations should be made electronically when possible.  If you need assistance in making a reservation, please ask at the Circulation/Reference desk and a staff member will assist you.

Please make your reservation at least 24 hours ahead of your desired start time so that the Law Library staff can approve it, and so that it will be included on the next day's calendar to be posted on the room doors.  (If you are interested in a room reservation for Saturday or Sunday, please submit your request before noon on Friday.)

You must use your USD email address to reserve a room.  An email will be generated to the Law Library staff with the details of your reservation request.  The Law Library staff will then verify that the holder of the USD email address is a law student, faculty, or staff member before confirming the reservation. You will receive a confirmation email when your reservation is confirmed

If you are reserving a room on behalf of a group, designate one person in the group to submit the request

The minimum length of a room reservation is 30 minutes.  The maximum length of a room reservation is 4 hours.  When booking your reservation, click on as many consecutive 30 minute timeslots that you need.  Any exceptions to the maximum length are at the discretion of the Law Library staff.

You do NOT need to check in at the Law Library Circulation/Reference Desk before your reservation, as long as you have received the confirmation email from the Law Library staff.  However, dry erase markers and erasers are available at the Circulation/Reference Desk that you may wish to check out for use during your reserved time.

Reservations may be forfeited if an individual or group is more than 30 minutes late for their reservation.

Reservations may not be made under multiple group members’ names in order to extend use of a study room beyond the maximum time.  This is an honor system.

No student may reserve more than 12 hours total per week across all rooms.  The Law Library staff will track this information and it will be consulted when confirming reservation requests.  The week is calculated from Sunday through Saturday.